About me


Kazuko is Founder at Culture Kids Room.  She founded Culture Kids Room while working as an English/Phonics teacher in Japan.


Sharing teaching ideas and tips on what her students were doing in the classroom on her blog, inspired English teachers and parents from around the world.  Culture Kids Room helps teachers and parents teach English to children in classrooms, libraries, local community centers, and living rooms.


She believes creative teaching / learning is the shortcut to happiness for teachers, parents, and children.

M.A. in TESOL, Teachers College, Columbia University 

・English proficiency test (STEP) 1st Grade 

・Teaching certificate for middle & high schools

・Trainings: Jolly Phonics, Jolly Grammar, MAT Method, IB-PYP



・コロンビア大学(米国)卒業 TESOL(英語教授法)修士号