Grammar 6


1.Numerical Prefixes for 1   2.Numerical Prefixes for 2   3.Numerical Prefixes for 3   4.Numerical Prefixes for 4,5 and 6   5.Numericl Prefixes for 7,8 and 9   6.Numerical Prefix for 10:<dec->   7.<ei> and <eigh> for the /ai/ Sound   8.<ei> and <ie> for the /ee/ Sound   9.<ei>, <eigh>, <eir>   10.<ci> for the /sh/ Sound   11.<cious>   12.<-eous>   13.Double Letters   14.<cc> for the /k/ Sound   15.Doubling Rule for <fer>   16.Long /oo/ Spelling   17./ai/ Spelling   18.Silent <h> Digraphs   19./t/ Spellings   20./m/ Spellings   21.Silent <p> Digraphs   22.<ui> and <u> for the /i/ Sound   23.<gh>, <gue>   24.<gu>   25.<ough>   26.Schwa <ure>   27.Schwa<our>   28.<-ity>, <-ety>   29.<-ial>   30.<-able>   31.<que> for the /k/ Sound   32.<ne> for the /n/ Sound   33.Commonly Confused Words   34.<-ly>   35.<ere> and /oa/   36.The Schwa



1.Homophone Mix-Ups   2.Simple, Continuous and Perfect Tenses   3.Definite and Indefinite Articles   4.Countable and Uncountable Nouns   5.Parts of Speech   6.Direct and Indirect Objects   7.Indirect Objects and Sentence Walls   8.Linking Verbs   9.Prepositional Phrases as Adverbs   10.Prepositional Phrases as Adjectives   11.Relative Clauses   12.Relative Clauses in Sentences   13.Coordinating Conjunctions   14.Semicolons and Compound Sentences   15.Colons in Sentences   16.Subordinating Conjunctions   17.Complex Sentences   18.Simple, Compound &Complex Sentences   19.Adverbials   20.Past Participles as Adjectives   21.The Active and Passive Voice   22.The Passive Voice   23.Gerunds   24.Idioms   25.Irregular Verb 'To Do'   26.Using the Verb 'To Do' in Statements   27.Using the Verb 'To Do' in Questions   28.Modal Verbs   29.Modal Adverbs   30.Imperatives   31.Using Paragraphs and Cohesion   32.Formal and Informal Writing   33.Alliteration   34.Homophone Mix-Ups   35.Antonyms and Synonyms   36.'Grammar Consequences' Game