Grammar 4



1.<ch>, <sh> and <th>   2.Homophone   3.<nch>   4.<se> saying /s/   5.<ve> saying /v/   6.Plurals <ves>   7.Schwa <a>   8.Schwa <o>   9.Schwa <u>   10.Schwa <ar>   11.Schwa <or>   12.Schwa <er>   13.<or> saying /er/   14.<ear> saying /er/   15.<u> saying long /oo/   16.<ough>, <gh> and <augh>   17.<ive> saying /iv/   18.<-ic>   19.<st> saying /s/   20.Silent Letters   21.<-ically>   22.Schwa <al>   23.Schwa <el>   24.Schwa <il>   25.<-ery>   26.<-ary>   27.<-ory>   28.<-ant>   29.<-ent>   30.<-ist>   31.<pre->   32.<sub->   33.<anti->   34.<trans->   35.<inter->   36.<tele->



1.Verb Tenses   2.Identifying Verb Tenses   3.The Subject and Object of a Sentence   4.Homophones   5.Antonyms   6.Plural Nouns in Sentences   7.Synonyms   8.Concrete Nouns   9.Abstract Nouns   10.Possessive Nouns   11.Present Participles used as Adjectives   12.Coparatives and Superlatives(1)   13.Changing Verb Tenses(1)   14.Homophones(Its and It's)   15.Plural Subjects and Verbs   16.Comparatives and Superlatives(2)   17.Homophones(To, Too and Two)   18.Homophons(Where, Wear and Were)   19.<-al> Making Nouns into Adjectives   20.Plural Possessive Nouns   21.Root Words, Prefixes and Suffixes   22.Grammatical Person   23.Changing Grammatical Person   24.Parsing Verbs   25.Questions and Statements   26.Changing a Statement into a Question   27.Simple and Compound Sentences   28.More Homophones Mix-Ups(1)   29.Nouns Phrases   30.Phrases, Clauses and Sentences   31.Infinitives   32.Onomatopoeia   33.Hyphens   34,Antonyms and Synonyms   35.More Homophone Mix-Ups(2)   36.Changing Verb Tenses(2)